Business connectivity

Maximize the resources and productivity of your company with technology solutions tailored to your needs.

At Airfaster we are committed to providing world-class solutions to our customers; We are divided into two large areas of presence, Telecommunications and Technology.

We are a national communications concessionaire which allows us to provide access to the internet in a legal, secure and quality way at highly competitive prices.


Structured network services and internal plant.

Dedicated internet

We have fixed, dedicated internet services, symmetric high quality from 10Mbps up to the bandwidth that your company requires, all for means of connection with optical fiber.


Communication links dedicated by high microwave system quality and high capacity.


Planning, implementation and design of WIFI and WIFI networks Managed for moderate and / or high service demand (Solution for Hotels, Tourist Areas, Industries, etc).

Optical fiber

Planning, design and implementation of fiber optic links (plant internal and external plant); Specialists in FTTx solutions for all purposes.

Projects and technology implementation.

Design and implementation of according to your needs communication projects, video surveillance, control of accesses, etc.

AirFaster secure Internet has 24/7 technical support and our team specialized and certified is responsible for the administration of your service.